Final Fantasy XV: What to Expect

Final Fantasy XV has just been released for the Xbox One and PS4 and I don’t need to tell you where all the fun and excitement starts, right? After all, who has never heard about the Final Fantasy before? With all the stories and the dramatic plot continuation that keeps making you come back for more, it is pretty logical to expect the same thing from this one, right? Not to mention that you are going to explore new things and gain another excitement in this new game. And what makes this one a bit different is that you are taking part in the Noctic crew and have a blast among the brotherhood. There are some handy tips that can make your game more enjoyable and favorable.


Final Fantasy XV: Skip the Tutorial

Trust me, you don’t want to do this. Sure, you may think that you need to get accustomed to the combat system but doing the tutorial is super boring. Whenever you need to practice, you can always train at the camp with Gladiolus – it is much better and more effective.


Final Fantasy XV and the Sidequest

Don’t sweat too much about the sidequests. The choice is yours. You can do it freely – or skip it altogether if you don’t want to do it. You don’t have to be burdened with the choice that you must do them either. Just enjoy it – it’s a game, anyway, and you don’t want to stress out a game too much. Just like the other FF series, you will encounter sidequests in this Final Fantasy XV so lighten up and do what feels natural to you. The main game will still be there in the event that you decide to explore the sidequest so enjoy the show.


Final Fantasy XV: Is Fast Travel Necessary?

In this Final Fantasy XV, there is a feature called the fast travel where you can speed things up in between destinations. But remember that you will miss a lot of things when you use this. One of the major strength in FF game is about the details and the fun – which won’t be available when you use the fast travel feature. My advice? Only use it when you really need one. Otherwise, enjoy the trip like usual.


Final Fantasy XV Handy Tips

It would be great if you talk to all restaurant owners or entrepreneurs, especially when you find the knife and fork icon on the map. You can find a good stuff and information. You can even go to monster hunts on their requests. Such small things will never be useless in the Final Fantasy XV game!


Township Tips for Farming

When it comes to playing Township, there are a number of Township tips to be applied for better game playing. Being a game with simple concept doesn’t mean Township is less entertaining compared to other games. Instead, it is just as fun as other games. This game has a lot of features for you to enjoy including exotic goods that come from small islands. But how do exactly the tips help you and other players? Well, the tips are like guidance that tell you what you should do and don’t. Therefore, you will be enjoying the game even more than ever.

Simple Farming Tips in Township

Let’s start with the tip number one: the Farming Township tips. In Township, farming is not just an activity. Instead, it is a crucial activity to keep the productivity of your town. At the beginning of the game, few fields will be given to you to manage. As you play the game little longer, you need to expand it. Follow these effective Township tips to successfully manage and expand your farm. You can also combine it by using the effective Township hack.

First, consider the right time to harvest and process the crop because some crops can more time to process. Therefore, it is advised to do it during the day and finish it before dark. Fast crops that take only few minutes to process include corn and wheat. These two crops can also give you a lot of coins when you sell them. So, it is the right decision to grow as many corn and wheat as you can in your farm. Second, you can plant crops that take hours to grow like cacao and potato during the night before going to be. And when you wake up in the morning, you can have the crops ready to be harvested. It is such a waste if you insist planting them during the day because they do not need to be checked up every minute. It is better to use your time checking up your corn and wheat crops.

Moreover, if you have some finished products from chicken and sheep, just leave the products inside the animal enclosure if you are not going to sell the products anytime sooner. This way, you can save up your barn storage for other items that will be sold sooner. The last item on Township tips for farming is to create efficient animal enclosures. You can do this by placing the feeds in the Feed Mill. This way, it will be easier and faster for you to access the feed.

Roblox Hack Tool Generator for Unlimited Robux

With Roblox being one of the most famous online multiplayer games, more people look for the Roblox hack. Game hack is always a great thing to have knowing it offers shortcuts to win and conquer the game. Cheats for Roblox are simply too good to be ignored. Roblox itself is an educational game for teenagers and children. This game allows the payers to learn computer programming, ratios and also stocks. Was first launched in 2005, it has now been improved and upgraded. The fact shows that this game can be quite addicting and educational at the same time. Kids will love this game.

When a player creates an account in this game, he/she will be asked to choose one between two types of memberships. They are builders hut and free memberships. Hack is definitely more tempting for free members because it allows them to beat the paid members much easier. If free members play without hack or cheat, they will need to make huge effort to beat the paid members and that can be a pain.

Thanks to Roblox hack generator, you can get all the Tix and Robux for your account to get you to another level. This hack tool program allows you to enjoy smooth experience. With user friendly interface, you will find it very easy to use. It is definitely capable to generate unlimited Robux and Tix amount to let you upgrade. This genuine hack tool is protected with free survey and one short. And it has also been continuously working to perform updates and progress as quick as possible.

Basically, this Roblox hack tool is specifically designed in generating free resources of Robux and tix. Getting free robux and tix is simply the best thing you can ever have to play the game. Why? That’s because it can take ages to get the Robux and Tix fairly as you have to play countless games in order to get that. So, the hack tool offers the best solution instead of buying the Robux and Tix.

Shortly said, there are various features at once that this hack tool provides. It generates unlimited free Robox for your account and unlimited tix as well. This Roblox hack is 100% undetected so you can be sure it’s safe. This tool is also anti ban script, auto proxy and can work with various devices and platforms including iOS, Android and Microsoft based devices.


LERapp: Application to Analyze Laser Beams

LERapp is the application that has been design in order to use the inbuilt camera on your phone that can be used in order to analyze the laser beams that will come. The Ministry of Defence branch has increased in this iPhone application that is perfect in order to stop laser that will attack the planes.

Scientists that are working at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory or DSTL have enhanced the technology in order to analyze events and help those people in order to take next action. Based on the developers, the LERapp or Laser Event Recorder application makes it easier for police officer out there to prosecute and arrest offenders.

The MoD claims that there are more than 10,000 aircraft which have been targeted by lasers since the year of 2009. This problem has been concerned by the Armed Forces increasingly because the risk has been caused to the aircraft and pilots. There are also a couple of commercial aircraft that is frequently seen themselves being targeted.

The LERapp is created in order to use the inbuilt camera for those of you who use Apple iPhone to analyze the laser beam that will come. This technology is also utilizes the GPS capability of the phone and also the connectivity to communicate, analyze, and record a couple of details of incident.

The MoD claimed that the advantages of this LERapp are varied such as easy to use and low cost. Pilots have been allowed by this application in order to take a couple of steps in order to avoid them being dazzled and the way the police will be helped in order to check out the responsibility.

There are no further information from the ministry about the technology that has been involved and the accuracy degree of the application possesses.

The agreement has been signed by the DSTL with a video and audio systems firm, Profound Technologies to sell and market the software for those of you who want to use it because it potentially useful.

LERapp comes with the potential in order to enhance the aviation safety significantly. This is one of the examples that have been done by the DSTL with the exciting and innovative work. Profound Technologies is interested about the chance in order to exploit and commercialize the technology that has been developed by DSTL. Their purpose is to make this application the industry standard in terms of safety.

Simcity Buildit Tricks to Make you Better than the Rest

Do you play Simcity Builit? Here are some Simcity Buildit tricks which can help you in the game. Don’t stop producing items. Producing factory items is import not only because they are required for building and upgrading buildings but also to make some extra money on the side by selling it to other people. Daniel is sure to buy them from you so don’t worry about finding buyers.

Try to produce the most expensive and valuable items. Nobody produces items which take time to produce. This means that these items possess higher value at Trade HQ. So, produce as much of these items as you can and earn lots of cash when selling them. Be smart when investing. If your Sims demand for living necessities (services) then be sure to prioritize buying it first. Don’t spend money on the least needed services until you have the extra money to.

Sims should have a happiness level of at least 90%. It is a known fact that when your Sims are happy they will pay you more tax. However, not many know that if your Sims happiness level is more than 90%, they will start pay you 20% tax. Out of all the Simcity BuildIt tricks this is the least known one and cannot even be achieved with any Simcity Buildit Hack. So, do try and keep the happiness level above 90%.

Keep popping bubbles. Do this when at your own city and also when visiting others’ as this may help you obtain special items. When visiting cities other than yours, popping the bubbles can sometimes get you items which you been searching for in Trade HQ.

Buy as much as you can. Buying special items gives you big profits. It is smart to buy items from Trade HQ and sell them upon a great deal in terms of coin popups in your city. Coin popups can sometimes around up to 25% more value than market values. Therefore, keep buying special items!

Go social. Keep making new friends every day in Simcity Buildit. Not only does this serve as Simcity Buildit tricks but also to get you to socialize. Join groups on social media. Share thoughts on the game and also get smart ideas from other players on how to excel.

Keep following the Simcity BuildIt tricks stated above and you will build and expand you city to be a huge one in no time. Be smart player and be better than the others out there. All the best, good luck and do have fun.

Well, These Are the Best Laptops You Should Know


When you are buying new laptops, you must think of the best laptops you should know which have longer span of time. You will not bother to spend your money in buying new laptops in short time, so that there are some considerations that you need to make before choosing the right laptop. Now, when you want to buy new laptops, you have to decide what kind of laptops that you want to have. It can be laptops for working and finishing some typing documents, laptops for gaming, or laptops for editing videos or photos. You need to pinpoint the utilization of your future laptop because these days, each laptop comes with different specialization and these are the best laptops you should know based on those distinct characteristics:

  1. Razer Blade Stealth

This is the ideal gaming laptop! Everyone who loves gaming in PC must know about the laptop because the laptop is perfectly designed for the gamers. It has powerful performance because it is complemented with an Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 processor which can make your games worked smoothly. The battery is also improved in a great way, so you can push your worry when you are playing your favorite game. The laptop is also aided by colorful keyboard and it adds the attractiveness of the laptop. Among the best laptops you should know, gamers will tend to choose this laptop than other laptops.

  1. Asus ZenBook UX305

This laptop is super thin and for the people who likes to carry around their laptops, this one can ease your burden. You can carry your laptops anywhere without thinking how heavy it is. The laptop also has attractive design, which can remind you of MacBook. You also do not need to pay much for having this laptop because it is cheaper than you ever think. The battery span is quite long, so you can stop being worried about the battery. Asus ZenBook UX305 gives you a great deal and you can buy it without thinking much about neither the price nor the performance because it is all excellent!

  1. Dell XPS 13

Wow, this laptop offers you great performance and also attractive design that make you satisfied. It also has a great life span of battery that can make you using the laptop for all day without plugging it. It is aided by Core i7 processor that can make your work done in easier way and no need to stress about how bad the performance of the laptop. By buying the laptop, you can consider that you are investing money. You will not need to buy another laptop because Dell XPS 13 has a strong durability and it can be irreplaceable for a long time. Might be one of the best laptops you should know.

The three laptops are just several from the other best laptops you should have because there are many other favorable laptops that can suit your taste. You need to consider about the factors on why you choose certain laptops. Some laptops might be pricey than others, but you can think about how durable those laptops are. Happy buying!

Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Kindle Fire: How to Use the Generator Wisely

If you think that Pixel Gun 3D hack for Kindle Fire will be different from the other hacking tools for the game, you are wrong. Although the game is played in different gaming platforms or consoles (laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc), a hacking tool can work in a universal way. It means that one Pixel Gun 3D cheat generator can be used for various gaming devices. For real.


Generating the Resources

When you use the cheating tool, you can generate all kinds of resources but mostly the coins and gems. Some of the generators can generate power, energy, and such thing. You can choose the numbers of resources you want. In one activation, you can generate unlimited resources for as much as you want.

Whether you choose the online type for Pixel Gun 3D hack for Kindle Fire or the offline type, make sure that you choose the safe link and line. If you choose the credible and reliable link, you can minimize the possibility of getting malware or virus.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Kindle Fire and Several Considerations

Remember these things when you want to get the generator or the cheating tool:

  • Limit the usage. The gaming online administrators aren’t stupid. They monitor every player’s movement. Any suspicious action will result in investigation. And if they find out that you are cheating, they will ban you for life. After all, if the administrators find out that you don’t seem to run out of resources at all, it will definitely raise a red flag.
  • It would be wise if you can at least use the generator only once a day. But it would be wiser if you only use the cheating tool when you run out of the resources – not the whole time. Remember, greed can get you into much trouble.
  • Choose the generator from a reliable source. Don’t fall into trap of shady websites offering too-good-to-be-true promises. These websites are trying to lure you into visiting them or downloading the links. Such a seemingly simple action may lead to hacking, spying, or even identity stealing.
  • Choose a source that isn’t too fussy or too demanding. Some websites may offer a free link but with several terms, such as filling out a questionnaire or something like that. It’s okay if you don’t mind with it but if you want to look further, there are websites who can provide you with the Pixel Gun 3D hack for Kindle Fire link without any requirements.

The King of Fighters XIV has 3D Graphics But It Is Not Dynamic


The King of Fighters XIV will fill in your childhood once again today. However, this game is not yet fulfilled our expectation more than fighting games until its long series right now. The game is still playing within 2D background. But, the 3D characters are already satisfying us to play this legendary fighting game. Although the way of presentation is in traditional way, there is a few changes on the fighting system of KOF XIV which is not following the legacy from the previous series. A casual fighting game is the main goal of KOF XIV so far in order to make people who are diehard fans of KOF feel satisfy now.


The gameplay of the King of Fighters XIV is also adapted some modern fighting games right now. You and your character will fight against a team which consists of three fighters. However, they won’t fight you in a time or group. If one of them is defeated, another fighter will replace him and fight against you on the next round. We believe you will feel exhilarating tense when fighting against your enemy. This is the special ability of KOF by the way. Almost all series offer attractive and intense fighting game. But, it is also enjoyable and fun to be played multiplayer or single player. The combos and the fighting mechanics of this game are really easy to understand and always on the high-quality level.


If you are familiar with the King of Fighters XIV characters, you will see them again in this latest series. Of course, there are also some new characters to complete your satisfaction while playing this fighting game. However, it is boring to see the visuals of each character’s personalities. The appearance of the player is on 3D graphics. But, the animation is still stiff and like a doll movement. We prefer to see the dynamic 2D sprites of the previous series rather than this new 3D stuff. Thus, it decreases the realistic feel when playing this game obviously.

New Modes

There are some fighting mechanics in this game which is new on previous KOF series. The first one is called Max Mode which provides your characters to use powerful ability of them. They will act special moves. Secondly, this mode is canceling the combos or the moves of your characters. Lastly, it is Rush mode which allows you to perform unique combo repeatedly. If you have ever played Persona 4, this mode is very familiar. That is all for our reviews of the King of Fighters XIV.

Pokemon Go Hack Intel has been Available Now

Pokemon GO

You do not need to find Pokemon Go hack Intel anymore because the latest version of Pokemon Go is already available for Intel’s users. We have known that Pokemon Go is the most downloaded game on the app store these days. Everyone who has smartphone tries to download the game and play it with their phone. Unfortunately, the game was not compatible for Intel’s users and it is only available for app store of several countries. It means that not all people can play this game. Do not worry about it because we will provide a link download for you who really want to play this game.

Original Version

For your information, this Pokemon Go hack Intel is the original version as well as we can find on the Google store. In other words, it is not modified version that can hack or change the content of the game. So, do not worry to play it on your phone because the developer won’t ban your account or character. The latest update says that Pokemon Trainers all over the world are now able to catch rare Pokemon such as Charizard, Pikachu, Blastoise. Then, it makes this game more challenging than before because we have to find other rare Pokemon.

How to Play

To play this Pokemon Go hack Intel, you need to know the specifications of the game. The important requirements for your Android are as following: front camera, GPS feature, Android 4.4 Operating System or higher and RAM at least 2 GB in order to play it smoothly on your phone. Furthermore, installing the game is very easy as well as installing other apps on Android. To download the apk file, just click on the following download link in this article and you will be able to play it on your Intel’s smartphone.

Pokemon Go Hack IntelLatest Updates

The latest updates of Pokemon Go game are launched by following the latest version. Players now can customize their avatar on the profile menu. You can change the colors and some accessories on your avatar. The developer also makes this game more balanced through adjusting the damage value of several Pokemon. The Gym animation was also fixed and developed for easy interface. The most noticeable update is about the footprints of nearby Pokemon which was pretty confusing for newbie players. That is all of update news of Pokemon Go latest version for now. You can simply download the file below this post and play it through any smartphone you have including Pokemon Go hack Intel.

Boom Beach Triche Hack Tool Download and Tutorials

Who does not need this special Boom Beach triche hack tool? If you do not, you must be not familiar with this RTS game obviously. This hack tool works a hundred percent for all smartphone devices including iOs and Android. We know that Boom Beach offering in game purchasing for their players. This is not good for you who love to play this game without spending any money, right? Luckily, we are here for you. We will share the best thing to do in hacking this game. In the end, we do not need to spend our money anymore to get gold, lumber or Diamonds.

Boom Beach triche hack tool

Boom Beach Triche Hack ToolFirst Release

You are lucky to see this Boom Beach triche hack tool because it was fresh released by our team recently. For your information, this kind of trick is easy to use and you might do not care anymore from the notification which always want to steal your diamond. This release was followed by some weeks ago with beta versions. Many Boom Beach players have testing this tool and they are satisfied with the app. There are many hack tools for this game maybe, but this hack tool won’t make you disappointed. You have no worries to download it and install it on your device, right now.

New Features

We have added anti-ban system to this Boom Beach triche hack tool. Many users complained about their accounts which were banned by the system. We guarantee it won’t happen anymore from now. Our team has successfully added anti-ban algorithm in order to make this hack tool always working anytime. If you found yourself cannot download this tool, it means that our page is overloaded because many people are trying to download this hack tool at the moment. Just be more patient to wait it. It will be back as soon as possible.

How to Download

Now, we are sharing about how to download this hack tool. First of all, you just need to find the download button on the bottom of this page. Once you found it, click on it immediately. If you are successful, the page will direct you to enter your Boom Beach user ID. After that, your download will be started. Wait for a seconds and the hack tool was transferred to your PC or devices. Open and install it on your devices. It does not take your time for sure. Lastly, open the hack tool and you immediately the diamonds and other resources are unlimited or 99999999999. You can free to use it for everything because it is our main Boom Beach triche hack tool.

Wildstar Tips And Tricks For New Players

Start the Wildstar with support from this Wildstar Tips and tricks. Wildstar is one of the most thrilling MMO game similar to Guild Wars 2 and almost identical to World of Warcraft. It has the look of WoW at first, but there is a bit different method about its combat, character sequence, and skills. There are unclear in-game manuals and tutorials that might cause confusing for first time player though MMO veterans might have no issue with this. Learn this tips and advices to help you through the early steps of the game.


Wildstar Tips To Plan Your Character

The choice of race and class is the first thing you need to think about in Wildstar Tips. There are some classed and class-race combinations that cannot be accessed by certain races such as Warrior Granok or Spellslinger Mordesh or Stalker Draken. These combinations are ideal since the class will fill the stats/abilities gap in the race. Your play style is also important thing to consider. It is reasonably flexible with the classes systems so you can play in solo or in a team without problem. But there are some classes that are effective with support teammate while others can be easier played as a lone wolf. The way you fight in either close or distant range is also dictated by classes. For example, Warrior or Stalker is good for melee while Esper, Spellslinger or Engineer is good for ranged.

Wildstar Tips To Choose Path

There is a path and a class in every character. The type of role you concentrate is defined by the class while how you complete tasks without focusing combat or gathering is defined by path. It is possible for you to concentrate completing main story without completing any path quests through the game but this will cause you loose on better XP and some other perks. Choose path that you would like to do other than combating with Wildstar Tips. The Explorer path is best for those who like to explore around the wood and climb the mountains. The Scientist path lets you read more books and locate every monster.

Wildstar Tips To Use Telegraphs

During combat, Telegraphs play an important role. Telegraph is the full-size highlight surrounding you that inform you the source of an attack, the type of attack it causes, and the time when the attack will come. Remain moving is the best way to avoid damage. You can just sidestep or dodge to evade attack. Keep moving and attack them back. Always remember this Wildstar Tips to win more battle.

Clash Royale Triche and Tips for Free without Survey

Clash Royale Tips

Having our Clash Royale triche and tips won’t make you disappointed to play this addictive game for sure. For your information, Clash Royale is the fourth game of SuperCell after releasing Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach recently. AS usual, the gameplay is very attractive for all smartphone users in the world.  In the beginning of its release, the Clash Royale was just available on several countries. IN other words, it was limited in its initial debut. However, this game is now running globally with more than a million downloads on the app store. Consequently, there are also many cheats and hacks for this game, too.

Clash Royale Triche and Tips:Build Your Deck

Before we are going into the main part of Clash Royale triche and tips, it would be better for us to know the Clash Royale cheat trick firstly. This game uses a deck for each player who is fighting in the arena. It means that best deck should be well-prepared, right? Build your own deck making us know the strength and weakness of our card. The key point is the balance. Balancing the deck is not an easy job for beginner players. We have to remember that preparing one toughest card which is able to defend in a sudden attack. Do not save too much elixir card on your deck.

Clash Royale Triche and Tips:Understand the Card’s Combo

The next one of Clash Royale triche and tips is about the strength and weakness of a card. Not only the deck, but the card has also those matters. Even an Epic card can be defeated easily if your combination is not right. You must know your combination inside your deck. Save the best for the last. Do not place a card in a rush. For your information, the card which has large amount of HP like Pekka or Giant is effective to be combined with range card like Wizard or Prince.

Clash Royale Triche and Tips in Seconds

Now, we are on the best part. Those tips would be useless if you have tried our latest cheat now. You can get free Gems just less a minute. Moreover, there is no download link to try our cheat. What you are going to do is just open our site and then fill the box with your username. Then, you can select the number of the Gems or Gold as you wish. By clicking I Agree button, your username will be processed just in seconds. Wait the process and you will get the notification to restart the game. And last but not least, say thanks to our Clash Royale triche and tips on comment section.

Marvel Heroes 2015 Comes for Marvel Fans

Marvel Heroes

As Marvel has been the most popular Entertainment that has launched and released some hits movies in all Marvel characters, Marvel and also Gazillion Entertainment enlightened the game industry by launching Marvel Heroes 2015. Marvel Heroes seemed to be less popular because it rarely updated the game. However, last year Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment had announced that they would give all their fans by announcing two exciting news. The first one is about the release schedule for this MMO game while the other one is the complete package of Founder Program which really pampers you.

What is the Founder Program Package?

Marvel Heroes 2015 had announced that this game is going to be released in the early of 2015. Something that makes the game players feel curious was about the Founder Program package because some rumors said that there would be three packages with different content and also cost to purchase. This Founder Program consists of various contents from the characters which can be used for the game. Moreover, these characters can be dressed with the available costumes. Here we are going to begin with three Founder Programs.

First it is called Starter Pack that consists of 16 heroes that had been offered. The players in Marvel Heroes 2015 can choose and play from this character from the beginning. Some popular heroes that you can find out are Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Cyclops, Captain America, Spiderman, Black Widow to Black Panther. Besides, in this package you will get 2 heroic costumes for your courageous heroes. However, this package can be bought in US$19.99.

The second Founder Program is Premium Pack. As it was named premium, it means that there would be some advanced choices which have better offer than the Starter Pack. In brief, this premium pack will give you certain theme for each pack. For example when you purchased the Classic Pack package, you will get not only a costume but also Captain America with the Second World War costume, Black Widow in her black costume, Cyclops with his black and yellow costume, and also Human Torch with red costumes. This package can be enjoyed with US$59.99.

The last Founder Program in Marvel Heroes 2015 is called the Ultimate Pack whose price is much higher than the previous two programs. There are more than 1 hundred characters with their costumes and you will also get 3 exclusive costumes as the bonus. This best offer in Marvel Heroes 2015 can be bought only in US$199.99. By spending this large amount of money, you will get satisfying and amazing way of playing.

Subway Surfers Hack to Unlock Character in Simple Steps

Subway Surfers Games

Good news guys! I have found a simple Subway surfers hack to unlock character. For your information, there are a lot of Subway Surfers characters that you can use to play this endless running game. It starts from Ninja, King, and Lucy until Prince K. The total characters of this game are 17 characters. Thus, you can choose one of them if you feel bored with the current character. However, the developers lock some of them from the game. Consequently, you need to unlock them by buying coins or open the mystery box. It is not an easy way to unlock them all. So, you need this hack by the way.


Luckily, I found this Subway Surfers hack to unlock character from one of popular forum on the internet. Before you are doing it, you must download the attachments firstly. They are necessary to support us in unlocking those characters. Download these attachments from the following links. Secondly, you need to download another important. It is called as iTools. This tool will be used as the file explorer for iPhone and iMac. Thirdly, quit the game and connect your device. Then, find Subway Surfers folder. This is the important part. Copy the downloaded files and then replace the current files on the Subway Surfers folder.

The next step of Subway Surfers hack to unlock character is going to Shop. Do not be surprised because all of the characters are already unlocked. Then, you can choose what character you want. Another surprise is the gold which reaching 2 million coins. It is the bonus from this hack. So, here we will get two benefits with this hack. Firstly we open up all of the character. Secondly, it gives you unlimited coins which you can use whenever you want.

Wow, the surprise of this Subway surfers hack to unlock character is not ended up yet. Every time you collect the coin, it will be doubled. It means that your coins are truly unlimited even you spend them all. So, do not miss this hack because it will be fixed by the developers. Once you are successfully done, share to your friends immediately. Last but not least, please use this hack wisely in order not to be noticed by the Subway Surfers server. They are able to ban your account if they are indicating suspicious purchasing with the unlimited coins. This hack also consists of Multiplier hack which means that you can multiplier the track from the beginning.

League of Legends now officially bought by Tencent

League of Legends

This is massive news for League of Legends fans all over the world. Recently, Tencent as Chinese Internet Company has officially bought Riot Games as the developer of LOL. For your information, Tencent is actually not a new player in Riot Games’ stake because this company is the biggest stakeholder since 2011 ago. However, they are finally bought this developer in the end of 2015 these days. This news was posted on the official blog of Riot Games. We believe this change will give impact for the LOL market scene especially in Asia later. Moreover, LOL community becomes bigger and bigger every year.

However, hot issue comes from inside of this League of Legends developer. The employers of Riot Gamers, who are known as Rioters, are seeking for the justice of their compensation. Of course this total purchase from Tencent will give impact too for the employers who involved as the part of the program itself. They believe that their salaries will get a full impact for this change. We are still getting deeper information about this issue. Yes, we do agree that employers are also key point of this investment besides of the game which developed before. So, let us see how far this news will move later.

League of Legends is a MOBA game which has large popularity in the world. This game is comparable with DOTA 2 and both of them are tough competitors. The gameplay of LOL is as unique as DOTA 2. You should control one hero and fight together with other players to reach one goal. Meanwhile, Tencent is not a newbie player in the gaming developers. They have around forty percent stock for Epic Games developer. Moreover, they also become the investor in one of the biggest developers in the world, Activision Blizzard. Thus, this total purchase is actually not a big deal for them in gaming industries.

8 Ball Pool Hack Android Methods

The 8 Ball Pool hack Android is now available for all platforms including iPhone. By using this hack there are so many advantages that you can do with this sport game. We know that pool is one of the popular games for everyone these days. Moreover, they are able to play it just via phone only. In other words, you do not have to meet up with your friends to play pool ball. Prepare your internet connection and you can play with other players all over the world who play this game either. However, there are some features which require you to collect something and gain something. I believe it will make this game boring for new players.



About this 8 Ball Pool hack android is able to shorten the gap between new players and pro players. You will gain unlimited access to gin coins and cash which very important in this game. You will get minimal effort than normal players who do not use this Android hack. In addition, this hack allows you to set the cash and coins by yourself. It means that you can control the certain amount that you want. Then, you can do it once again in another days without detected by the main server. It is very good for you to try this hack out now before it does not work anymore someday.

What do you have to do to make this 8 Ball Pool hack android is only following the instructions clearly without miss any single step. If you did it perfectly, there is no any payment or completely free to get unlimited coins for your account. The main things which you need to prepare are cable data, PC and your Android. After all of those items are ready, please download the tool hack from this page and save it on your PC. Then, connect the cable data on your smartphone and PC. Open the hack tool and let it makes sure both of devices are connected properly.

There is another way of 8 Ball Pool hack android which called as online tool. For this one, it is easier rather than the first method. You just need a Facebook account to register and use the hack. Moreover, there is no download link because all the instructions are available on the site. If you want to try please prepare a Facebook account and then enter your name and account id which you want to hack. That is all and what you have to do next is only wait your account get unlimited cash and points.

FIFA 16 Tips and Tricks

fifa 16


FIFA 16 has been released a couple of times ago and most of people had a couple of doubts and problems with the game play so this post will provide you a lot of useful tips and tricks for FIFA 16. You will find a list of tips which will help you find your rhythm to play this game. These are 8 most useful tricks and tips for FIFA 16 that will help you through the game.

  • First of all you have to consider that in FIFA 16, the pace is not crucial but you have to be quick at Rb and Lb. The rest buttons do not even important for you to consider.
  • For instance, if the corner gets parried out to the edge of the penalty box and if his happens to you, all you have to do is to smash it by holding L2 of the time.
  • It is better for you to shoot early after you get in the box like a couple of last FIFA that you could go to the side of the keeper and have a score easily, but in this FIFA 16 you have to do it harder and harder.
  • You can choose Settings and substitute the player indicator to name and indicator in order to help you recognize who is dribbling the ball. By doing this way you can judge and recognize if you can have a long shot or a nice passer which can spray the ball to the other team mates easily.
  • You have to try to prevent holding the sprint until it is the perfect time for you to do so. This way is very perfect for those of you who moan to pass to other team mates. You have to try to keep calm and focus because if you sprint while you are passing, then it will go wrong.
  • It is better for you to try to set your camera to Co-op or Custom Zoom to max if you think that your passing game is not good enough on FIFA 16.
  • In order to see that players that you are playing currently, it is perfect for you to use pro camera mode if you want to know the details of your players.
  • You have to pass in the right direction that you are facing the whole time. So the passes are going to be much more on the target.

The Newest Version of Clash of Kings Hack 2015

Having capacity to use Clash of Kings Hack 2015 brings us into many beneficial things for playing this game. However, all of the risks would not be our responsible if your account got banned or something like that. We just provide the way how to hack this game by using some cheats and tricks. Defeating enemy is always fun through Clash of Kings, right? That is our main reason to share this hack exclusively for gamers who never agree with pay-to-win the game. It is one of easiest ways to deny the developer which always forces their player to buy in-game features for their own advantages.


clash of kings hack 2015


Do not give up when it doesn’t work

Although we have no responsibility for this, we are sure it will be tough for the developer in detecting the hack. It is almost undetectable by them. Moreover, some bugs and viruses have already fixed in the newest version of this hack. Keep in mind, the hack is used by million people who have the same purpose like you. Thus, you have to be patient when it does not work at once. Our server is probably down because too many users of this hack. Do not worry because the download link is repeatable. There will be no survey or fake download in this article.

For your information, our Clash of Kings hack 2015 is always scanned for our team daily. It means that the update is almost every day. Once the hack does not work, we will fix it soon based on the version of the Clash of Kings game itself. I will emphasize the instructions after this paragraph. The features of this hack are almost the same with other hack tools in order to get unlimited resources. We know that there are so many fake posts about Clash of Kings hack, but none of them work perfectly. Cheats are not always bad because we just try to make equivalency between the premium players and normal players.

How to install

To install this Clash of Kings Hack 2015, you need to choose one of the download links and open the folder directory. After that, you have to disable your anti-virus in the beginning before install the tool. Double-click at the app and install into your computer. Now, you can access it through your desktop as long as you made the shortcut after the installation. That is all what you need to install the hack into your computer. Just follow the instructions inside the exe program after all.

SimCity BuildIt Hack Tutorial, Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

Players who enjoy city-constructing and resource-gathering games will find that there are abundantly of challenges in SimCity BuildIt thought it not quite as strong as the key games in the franchise. Ensuring your city’s starting foundation is as solid as possible, growing city-planners can get help using this SimCity BuildIt Hack Tutorial, Strategies and Cheats.


Simcity Buildit Tips and Tricks


Plan In advance

The most important SimCity BuildIt Hack Tutorial is to make sure the area where you want to place residential is covered by the necessary city services before you are placing this zone in SimCity BuildIt. The building that is out of coverage of city services will ultimately become uninhibited and won’t produce any tax revenue for you. Concentrate to the area of effect as you place police stations, fire stations, and other services. Make sure you get the most coverage possible for each service. Avoid placing a fire station right in the corner of your city zone since the fire station is located in the area you can’t build. This will avoid you spilling over the area of effect into the deadzone. But, you do not need to provide firefighter and police coverage for factories and service buildings.

No Paving or Relocation Fees

Removing a residential area and placing it down into a new better place does not cost you at all making a great idea for SimCity BuildIt Hack Tutorial. This also applies to city services like power plants and government buildings as well as factories and paving roads. This means you will always avoid getting a poorly-layout city. Build the road out simply and turn it around, or just make it into the city border. Simply move out the structures you want to the newly-paved road, and then you can rotate the buildings to the direction you want. You can erase the old road when you’re all done, or do whatever you want.

Trade Your Spare

Make sure you keep your factories working all the time. Line up some of the resources with the faster production time when you play and prepare the resources that take longer production time to line up some before you quit the game. There is the potential to sell your resources for some coins if you see bubbles pop up with a gold coin in them. You can always earn the lower-level resources back with the factories in a few minutes using the SimCity BuildIt Hack Tutorial so it’s ideal to always sell them unless the deal is very frail.

No Cost For Road

You can build road as much as you want in SimCity BuildIt Hack Tutorial since it is no cost at all. You can build your sewage processing plants as far as you can from the city so your city smells fresh. This building should be away from the city as they smell terrible which is not pleasing for citizen. Roads are free so you can always keep those stinky buildings including factories far away from your citizens. They have an area-of-effect stink-zone, but they do not have services area effect. No matter how outlying you build them, they will serve the city on condition that they are connected to the road.

Tips and Tricks How to Easy Playing Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a running game that requires you avoid obstacle and grab bonuses. It is the sequel to the previous Temple Run that becomes one of the most popular running games for smartphones and tablets. There are new features in the sequel to make it an outstanding continuation. As players travel a flying temple, the character can run, jump and turn using swipe controls on the device similar to the original Temple Run. To make the game more graphically exciting than the previous, there is no longer right-angle turns restriction in the sequel. There are hollows and upsurges and nudges left and right in the route you follow. some new methods of transportation are available, you can speed down with zip lines and as you ride wild and violent over rails underground leaning from left to right in a mine cart section


Temple Run 2 Trick and Tips


Pros And Cons

It makes an outstanding follow-up to the most prevalent running game on mobile devices as there is more path deviation, enhanced graphics, new stumbling block, and lots of power-ups. However, there might be twisting to the leaderboards due to the In-app purchases that allow those who are eager to spend the real money for infinite “continues”. Temple Run 2 is an outstanding follow-up with stunning visuals, heaps of new content and more exhilarating escape game action especially if you enjoy running games or like the previous Temple Run.


The improvement to the visuals of Temple Run 2 is the main transformation from the original. Even as you desperately try to steer your way through the winding tracks, you can’t help but well-see with great-looking visuals. Keep you on your way with lifelike-looking fire threats, and you can slide under and hurdle in your work to survive with more stumbling block and dynamic spinning grinders.

There are four playable characters you can unlock. Though there are tons of methods to get a benefit while you run, they all come with their own special skills and improvement tracks. You’ll find power-ups on your way, for example the shield that momentarily helps you turning and running and makes you invulnerable or the magnet that draws coins for you. Occasionally, green gems are available to take that add more live so you can keep your run when die. But it will be cost-exorbitant as the cost doubles whenever you stay on the same run.

Temple Run 2 is free-to-play game, but there is in-app purchases that allow you have the option to buy more gems to keep continue. This means, securing your place on the crest of the leaderboards you will be able to keep running as much as you want as long as you are willing to spend the money. That is the condition of mobile gaming in this day and age though it seems a bit imbalanced. Largely, this is an outstanding follow-up to one of the people’s favorite running games. For any running-game fan, this latest episode is a must-have with its new stumbling block, upgraded graphics, and exclusive power-ups and characters.